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Ad Hoc, Wireless, Mobile Networks: The Role of Performace Modeling and Evaluation


Consider a networking environment in which the users are mobile, the topology changes, CDMA provides multiple channels, the bandwidth of a given link is unpredictable and possibly very low, the error rates are extremely high and variable, major interference occurs when multiple transmissions take place over (possibly different) links on the same or different codes, real-time multimedia traffic must be supported as well as datagram traffic, there is no stable communication infrastructure, and there is no central control! This is the network environment (often referred to as “Ad Hoc Wireless Network”) which we are addressing in this chapter

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Edited by G. Haring, C. Lindemann, and M. Reiser, Springer-Verlag, , January. 2000


M. Gerla
M. Kazantzidis
G. Pei
F. Talucci
K. Tang