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TCP Bulk Repeat for Heavy Random Losses: A Performance Analysis


TCP Bulk Repeat (TCP BR) is a sender-side enhancement of TCP that greatly improves performance in wireless and satellite networks with very high packet error rates (above 1%), where conventional schemes such as TCP NewReno, TCP SACK and TCP Westwood su®er severe performance degradation. In this paper we study TCP BR performance through a stochastic model. The general model, which has a dynamic window and a loss vector, is presented and simpli- ¯ed, following our observations that TCP BR operates with a ¯xed window, and out-of-order loss recovery can be ap- proximated with in-order recovery. The model is then solved numerically and validated via simulation.

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Information & Date

International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS'04), San Jose, CA, July. 2004


Guang Yang
Ren Wang
Mario Gerla
M.Y. Sanadidi