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Combining Source- and Localized Recovery to Achieve Reliable Multicast in Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks


This paper proposes a novel reliable multicast transport protocol for multi-hop, wireless ad hoc networks (or MANETs). To recover from the different types of losses that may occur in MANETs, our Reliable Adaptive Congestioncontrolled Transport protocol, or ReACT, combines source-based congestionand error control with receiver-initiated localized recovery. While the latter attempts to recover localized losses (e.g., caused by transmission errors), the former is invoked only for losses and congestion that could not be recovered locally (e.g., caused by global congestion). Loss differentiation is an important component of ReACT and uses medium access control (MAC) layer information to distinguish between different types of losses. Through extensive simulations, we evaluate ReACT’s performance under a variety of MANET scenarios, including different offered load and mobility conditions, and compare it against a strictly end-to-end (i.e., no localized recovery) scheme. Our results show that ReACT is the best performer in terms of reliability. Our results also showcase the effect of ReACT’s local recovery mechanism which quickly corrects error- and path breakage induced losses and thus manages to prevent the source from reducing its rate unnecessarily , thus achieving significant throughput improvement with lower overhead when compared to the strictly end-to-end protocol.

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Information & Date

Networking'04, , May. 2004


Venkatesh Rajendran
Katia Obraczka
Yunjung Yi
Sung-Ju Lee
Ken Tang
Mario Gerla