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A Wireless Hierarchical Routing Protocol with Group Mobility


In this paper we present a hierarchical routing protocol in a large wireless, mobile network such as found in the automated battle field or in extensive disaster recovery operations. Conventional routing does not scale well to network size. Likewise, conventional hierarchical routing cannot handle mobility efficiently. We propose a novel soft state wireless hierarchical routing protocol – Hierarchical State Routing (HSR). We distinguish between the “physical” routing hierarchy (dictated by geographical relationships between nodes) and “logical” hierarchy of subnets in which the members move as a group (e.g., company, brigade, battalion in the battlefield). HSR keeps track of logical subnet movements using Home Agent concepts akin toMobile IP. A group mobility model is introduced and the performance of the HSR is evaluated through a detailed wireless simulation model.

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Information & Date

WCNC'99, New Orleans, LA, September. 1999


Guangyu Pei
Mario Gerla
Xiaoyan Hong
Ching-Chuan Chiang