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Adaptive Bandwidth Management and QoS Provisioning in Large Scale Ad Hoc Networks


Quality of service provisioning in wireless ad hoc networks plays an integral part in determining the success of network-centric warfare as envisioned in future military operations. It requires good scalability of the QoS architecture since ad hoc networks in the battlefield tend to be large. Previous work attacking QoS in ad hoc networks seldom considers the scalability issues. In this paper, we propose a scalable QoS architecture for such networks. Our scheme draws upon the positive aspects of both IntServ and DiffServ, and extends upon the scalable LANMAR routing protocol to support QoS. The scheme is also capable of incorporating mobile backbone networks (MBNs) to further improve the scalability. Simulation results show that our proposed QoS architecture can achieve good scalability in terms of large network size and mobility.

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Information & Date

MILCOM'03, Boston, MA, October. 2003


Kaixin Xu
Ken Tang
Rajive Bagrodia
Mario Gerla
Michael Bereschinsky