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Technical Report


IA-MAC, Interference Aware MAC


Among the numerous standards for wireless communications, the IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Network is the one with the highest utilization at the moment. The 802.11 has been devised explicitly for low mobility, single access point scenario, so its effectiveness can be limited when it is utilized both in ad hoc mode and with multiple access points. Many research has been done and is still ongoing aiming to face well known problems typical of these scenarios like the exposed/hidden terminal cases. In this technical report we propose a novel MAC layer for Wireless LAN which is able to extend the capabilities of the basic IEEE 802.11 DCF (Distributed Coordination Function) to environments with high interference, both in ad hoc and in infrastructured mode.

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Information & Date

UCLA Technical Report, , December. 2002


Daniela Maniezzo
Matteo Cesana
Mario Gerla