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How to outperform IEEE802.11: Interference Aware (IA) MAC


Wireless networks are nowadays very popular. They are mostly based on IEEE802.11 protocol which is known to show low performance in ad hoc networks. Also when infastructured networks (many access points are placed) are considered, a single transmission could block many radio cells. In this work, we propose Interference Aware (IA) MAC, a modified version of standard IEEE802.11. The main idea is not to set the Network Allocation Vector (NAV) on the reception of each RTS and CTS, but only when it is strictly required, i.e., when a concurrent transmission could actually destroy another transmission. To make it feasible, we propose to insert some information about interference and received power levels into IEEE802.11 control packets. We show the effectiveness of IA MAC by means of an analytical investigation.

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Information & Date

MedHocNet'03, Mahdia, Tunisia, June. 2003


Daniela Maniezzo
Pierpaolo Bergamo
Matteo Cesana
Mario Gerla