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A cross-layer framework for wireless LAN QoS support


The IEEE 802.11x based wireless LAN technologies are leading the indoor Internet distribution in education, business and home environments. They are usually deployed as wireless extension of a broadband access to the network (i.e. DSL, cable modem, etc). These technologies are based on CSMA/CA media access with a positive MAC layer acknowledgement and a retransmission mechanism that aids noisy channel propagation condition and eventual undetected collisions. While TCP traffic benefits from a layer 2 retransmission policy the multimedia traffic experiences large delays and jitter resulting in a poor user experience. We satisfy the emerging user need of a MAC layer Quality of Service (QoS) support by taking advantage from layers 4-7 information. We believe the concepts and the architectural design presented are suitable to enhance QoS support in wireless technologies.

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Information & Date

ITRE'03, Newark, NJ, August. 2003


Giovanni Pau
Daniela Maniezzo
Shirshanka Das
Yujin Lim
Janghyuk Pyon
Heeyeol Yu
Mario Gerla