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Mobility Prediction and Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks


Wireless networks allow a more exible model of communication than traditional networks since the user is not limited to a xed physical location. Unlike cellular wireless networks, an ad hoc wireless network does not have any xed communication infrastructure. For an active connection, the end host as well as the intermediate nodes can be mobile. Therefore routes are subject to frequent disconnections. In such an environment, it is important to minimize disruptions caused by the changing topology for critical application such as voice and video. This presents a difcult challenge for routing protocols, since rapid reconstruction of routes is crucial in the presence of topology changes. By exploiting non-random behaviors for the mobility patterns that mobile users exhibit, we can predict the future state of network topology and perform route reconstruction proactively in a timely manner. Moreover, by using the predicted information on the network topology, we can eliminate transmissions of control packets otherwise needed to reconstruct the route and thus reduce overhead. In this paper, we propose various schemes to improve routing protocol performances by using mobility prediction. We then evaluate the effectiveness of using mobility prediction via simulation.

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Information & Date

International Journal of Network Management, , January. 2001


William Su
Sung-Ju Lee
Mario Gerla