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LANMAR: Landmark Routing for Large Scale Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Group Mobility


In this paper, we present a novel routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks – Landmark Ad Hoc Routing (LANMAR). LANMAR combines the features of Fisheye State Routing (FSR) and Landmark routing. The key novelty is the use of landmarks for each set of nodes which move as a group (e.g., a team of co-workers at a convention or a tank battalion in the battlefield) in order to reduce routing update overhead. Like in FSR, nodes exchange link state only with their neighbors. Routes within Fisheye scope are accurate, while routes to remote groups of nodes are “summarized” by the corresponding landmarks. A packet directed to a remote destination initially aims at the Landmark; as it gets closer to destination it eventually switches to the accurate route provided by Fisheye. Simulation experiments show that LANMAR provides efficient and scalable routing in large, mobile, ad hoc environments in which group mobility applies.

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Information & Date

MobiHOC 2000, Boston, MA, August. 2000


Guangyu Pei
Mario Gerla
Xiaoyan Hong