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UAV aided Intelligent Routing for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks


Large homogeneous ad hoc wireless networks have a problem: the bandwidth available to an mobile user decreases as the number of nodes in the network increases. Using the embedded ad-hoc networking mechanism, nodes are able to transport packets across the network in a multihop fashion. An embedded mobile backbone is dynamically constructed to form 2-level physical heterogeneous multihop wireless network. These backbone nodes provide two critical functions: (1) direct communication between neighboring cluster heads. (2) efficient route discovery in HSR. With the broadcast feature of UAV, Link state can be broadcasted to backbone nodes instead of “flooding” on the level 2. Thus, routing overhead can be tremendously reduced, throughput will be improved. We modified Hierarchical State Routing to have an intelligent selection algorithm to reduce the system latency caused by long propagation delay of UAV channel. The performance of the system is evaluated through simulation experiments.

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Information & Date

WCNC 2000, Chicago, IL, September. 2000


Daniel Lihui Gu
Guangyu Pei
Henry Ly
Mario Gerla
Beichuan Zhang
Xiaoyan Hong