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A Hybrid Architecture of UMTS and Bluetooth for Indoor Wireless/Mobile Communications


Over the past several years, mobile/wireless communications have evolved and proliferated a variety of technologies. Among those technologies, we focus on UMTS and Bluetooth because of their prominent and complementary features. While UMTS provides “universal connectivity, ” Bluetooth will be the most promising candidate technology to provide “ubiquitous connectivity. ” In this paper, we advocate that a hybrid architecture of UMTS and Bluetooth provides a “one-architecture-fits-all ” paradigm for any wireless communications. We detail the proposed architecture in indoor environments, where UMTS-TDD is chosen for connecting Bluetooth piconets and scatternets. The key node in this architecture is a “hybrid device ” equipped with both UMTS and Bluetooth interfaces. The performance of the architecture is evaluated by simulation experiments under different configurations.

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Information & Date

ICWLHN, Singapore, December. 2002


Ted Taekyoung Kwon
Yeng-Zhong Lee
Rohit Kapoor
Mario Gerla
Andrea Zanella