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Residual Capacity Estimator for TCP on Wired/Wireless Links


Having an inexpensive and accurate means to estimate capacity could be put in good use for several purposes: QoS schemes could utilize it to claim the feasible ratio at which video/audio streaming are allowed to transmit, bandwidth estimators could receive help in discriminating between their samples. In this paper, we present RCE (Residual Capacity Estimator), a new scheme able to provide a simple and effective esteem of the bottleneck link capacity deducted the uniformly distributed traffic present. Our scheme is embedded in the normal TCP functionalities and achieves precise results even from the very beginning of a connection. We provide simulation results under various and complex situations in order to prove the efficacy of RCE and we conclude with future directions for this work.

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Information & Date

WCC2004 Student Forum IFIP World Computer Congress 2004, Toulouse, France, August. 2004


Claudio Enrico Palazzi