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How Do You Quickly Choreograph Inter-Vehicular Communications? A Fast Vehicle-to-Vehicle Multi-Hop B


As the technology available on cars is increasing, a wide range of applications, from safety to entertainment, are becoming factually accessible to passengers. Many of these applications involves a one-to-many transmission model where a single car broadcasts a message that has to be forwarded, even with multiple hops, in a very short time to all the other cars located within a range of few kilometers from the source. Since the high mobility and density of a car network scenario, specific solutions need to be devised to choreograph a fast-delivery multihop broadcast. To this aim, we developed a practical and efficient technique that allows cars to estimate their communication range with the help of a very limited message exchange and exploit this information to reduce the number of transmissions, as well as the hops to be traversed, and hence the time, required by a broadcasted message to reach all the cars following the sender within a certain distance.

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Information & Date

CCNC International Workshop on Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment, (CCNC/NIME 2007), Las Vegas, NV, January. 2007


Claudio Enrico Palazzi
Stefano Ferretti
Marco Roccetti
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla