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A parallel simulator has been designed for the evaluation of wireless, multihop, mobile networks. Th


A number of library-based parallel and sequential network simulators have been designed. This paper describes a library, called GloMoSim (for Global Mobile system Simulator), for parallel simulation of wireless networks. GloMoSim has been designed to be extensible and composable: the communication protocol stack for wireless networks is divided into a set of layers, each with its own API. Models of protocols at one layer interact with those at a lower (or higher) layer only via these APIs. The modular implementation enables consistent comparison of multiple protocols at a given layer. The parallel implementation of GloMoSim can be executed using a variety of conservative synchronization protocols, which include the null message and conditional event algorithms. This paper describes the GloMoSim library, addresses a number of issues relevant to its parallelization, and presents a set of experimental results on the IBM 9076 SP, a distributed memory multicomputer. These experiments use models constructed from the library modules.

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Proceedings of PADS'98, Banff, Canada, March. 1998


X. Zeng
R. Bagrodia
M. Gerla