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Long Range Dependence in vBNS ATM Cell Level Traffic


Long Range Dependent (LRD) network traffic does not behave like the traffic generated by the Poisson model or other Markovian models. The main difference is that LRD traffic increases queueing delays by several oders of magnitude with respect to Poisson traffic due to the burstiness over many time scales. LRD traffic has been measured in different types and sizes of networks, for different applications (eg. WWW) and different traffic aggregations. Since LRD behaviour is not rare nor isolated, accurate characterization of LRD traffic is very important in order to predict performance and to allocate network resources. The Hurst parameter is used to describe the degree of LRD and the burstiness of the traffic. In this paper we introduce a methodology for measuring LRD parameters in an ATM environment and apply it to analyze segments from a vBNS ATM cell level network traffic trace. A variance-time plot is created and the Hurst parameter is computed for each segment.

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Information & Date

UCLA CSD Technical Report #990026, , January. 1999


Ronn Ritke
Mario Gerla