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Improving Wireless Handoff with GWA-TCP


The performance of applications running on TCPIP in cellular networks is heavily inuenced by the TCP reaction to handovers ie to short periods when the commu nication channel is unavailable and packets are lost This paper proposes a way of decoupling the congestion control of TCP from its reaction to the loss of burst of packets The scheme is a modication of Generalized Window Advertizing GWA TCP recently proposed by the authors The performance of the new scheme is compared against traditional TCP imple mentation and router behaviors RED bu er management as well as ECN capable TCP and routers are considered in the comparison All the results show that the new scheme attains higher performance and allows a better utilization of the network resources

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Information & Date

UCLA CSD Technical Report #990021, , March. 1999


Mario Gerla
R. Lo Cigno
W. Weng