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Receiver-initiated multicasting with multiple QoS constraints


To support QoS for muftlcnst with dynnmic nnd distributed ineinber joiiiiiig, in tlils paper we prcsctit G reccivcrinitlatcrl multlcast protocol wltli multiple 00s constraints (RlMQoS). Assumlng link-statc infornintloti nnd QoS unicast muting protocol nrc nvvilahlc, a reccivcr cntnpiitcs a pnth to join thc multicast trcc rooted at the source. It then scnds Join rcqiiestalong tho path to join tho group. Our protacolspecincs under what conditions thc new mcmber cnn bc occeptcd into tlic groilp without affccting thc QoS of otlicr nicnibcrs and how to ntljust the cxlst. log trcc II ncccssary. It attcmpts to minimlac thc cast of the tree by lettlng U node tujuiu thc trcc via n low-cost path and may lnterswltcli to a highcr. cilst hut morc QuS stringcnt paih whcii ncccssary. Tlie praparied sclicmc allorvs fully distrihutcd opcrrtion’rnd supports miiltiplc QoS itietr1c.s and rcquirenierits. It grcntly rcduccs riunilicr of mcssagcs and slniplifies nicsssgc proccssiug to join members coiiil”vd witti mmc othcr approaclm. Siniitlntian rcsults show ttint It h vcry cMclcnt In flndlng low cost solo. rims.

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Information & Date

In Proceedings of Infocom 2000, Israel, January. 2000


Aiguo Fei
Mario Gerla