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Automatic Identification of User Goals in Web Search


There have been recent interests in studying the \goal" be- hind a user's Web query, so that this goal can be used to im- prove the quality of a search engine's results. Previous stud- ies have mainly focused on using manual query-log investi- gation to identify Web query goals. In this paper we study whether and how we can automate this goal-identi¯cation process. We ¯rst present our results from a human sub- ject study that strongly indicate the feasibility of automatic query-goal identi¯cation. We then propose two types of fea- tures for the goal-identi¯cation task: user-click behavior and anchor-link distribution. Our experimental evaluation shows that by combining these features we can correctly identify the goals for 90% of the queries studied.

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Information & Date

International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 05), Chiba, Japan , May. 2005


Uichin Lee
Zhenyu Liu
Junghoo Cho