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AdTorrent: Delivering Location Cognizant Advertisements to Car Networks


AdTorrent is an integrated system for search, ranking and content delivery in car networks. AdTorrent builds on the notion of Digital Billboards, a scalable “push” model architecture for ad content delivery. We present a detailed analysis of the performance impact of key design parameters such as scope of the query flooding on the query hit ratio. Our mobility model for the urban, vehicular scenario can be used in conjunction with the analytical model for estimating query hit ratio by a system designer to determine the scope of the query flooding as a function of the available storage per vehicle for their application.

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Information & Date

The Third International Conference on Wireless On Demand Network Systems and Services(WONS 2006), Les Menuires, France, January. 2006


Alok Nandan
Saurabh Tewari
Shirshanka Das
Mario Gerla
Leonard Kleinrock