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CapProbe: A Simple and Accurate Capacity Estimation Technique


We present a new capacity estimation technique, called Cap- Probe. CapProbe combines delay as well as dispersion mea- surements of packet pairs to ¯lter out samples distorted by cross-tra±c. CapProbe algorithms include convergence tests and convergence speed-up techniques by varying probing pa- rameters. Our study of CapProbe includes a probability analysis to determine the time it takes CapProbe to con- verge on the average. Through simulations and measure- ments, we found CapProbe to be quick and accurate across a wide range of tra±c scenarios. We also compared Cap- Probe with two previous well-known techniques, pathchar and pathrate. We found CapProbe to be much more ac- curate than pathchar and similar in accuracy to pathrate, while providing faster estimation than both. Another ad- vantage of CapProbe is its lower computation cost, since no statistical post processing of probing data is required.

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Information & Date

SIGCOMM 2004, Portland, Oregon, USA, August. 2004


Rohit Kapoor
LingJyh Chen
Li Lao
Mario Gerla
M. Y. Sanadidi