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BEAM: A Distributed Aggregated Multicast Protocol Using Bi-directional Trees


IP multicast confronts a severe scalability problem when there are large numbers of multicast groups in the network due to state explosion and control explosion. In backbone networks, this state scalability problem is exacerbated, since there are potentially enormous multicast groups crossing backbone domains. To improve the state scalability of multicast in backbone domains, in this paper, we propose a scalable protocol, called BEAM (Bi-dirEctional Aggregated Multicast), which uses the concept of aggregated multicast [11]. BEAM is a distributed protocol using bi-directional trees. It is simple and easy to implement. Through simulations, we show that BEAM can greatly improve state scalability with very low overhead: up to 98% state and tree setup and maintenance overhead reduction with less than 0.14 bandwidth waste in our experiments.

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Information & Date

International Conference on Communications (ICC), Anchorage, AK, USA, May. 2003


Jun-Hong Cui
Li Lao
Dario Maggiorini
Mario Gerla