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TCP Performance over Satellite in Case of Multiple Sessions per Links using Efficient Flow Control a


Transmission Control Protocol is the layer 4 protocol over which all the Internet applications are based. The high latency severely limits performance, especially if high bandwidth is available. Due to the high Bandwidth Delay Product a long time to fill the pipe is needed. To counteract such impairments many solutions have been proposed and some of them are actually implemented in real systems. These solutions are based either on the modification of the mechanism, mainly the flow control, or on the architecture, mainly on splitting the connection, which may even include the use of proprietary protocols. In both cases, the features of the Operative Systems of the end machines play a very important role because the dimension of the available buffer determines the initial slow start threshold and in general limits the performance of the flow control mechanism. Moreover, real scenarios may include both a single TCP session and multiple session per link. In the former case performance are only limited by the latency and by the error rate while in the latter case the simultaneous sessions can further degrade overall performance if fairness and friendliness of different schemes are not so excellent. In this paper, after describing the main solutions proposed or adopted to improve TCP performance over satellite links, we will present the main results of the optimization of the buffer dimension. Then, we will analyze through simulations the performance of the main TCP schemes with respect to real OS in case of single flow per link. Finally, we approach a scenario with many TCP connections in competition for the available bandwidth in a satellite link. In fact, a fair sharing of resources is suitable in a best-effort Internet environment where there are competing TCP flows.

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Information & Date

10th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, Vicenza, Italy, September. 2004


M. Luglio
C. Roseti
Mario Gerla