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Aggregated Multicast: an Approach to Reduce Multicast State


IP multicast suffers from scalability problem with the number of concurrently active multicast groups because it requires a router to keep forwarding state for every multicast tree passing through it and the number of forwarding entries grows with the number of groups. In this paper, we propose an approach to reduce multicast forwarding state. In our approach, multiple groups are forced to share a single delivery tree. We discuss the advantages and some implementation issues of our approach, and conclude that it is feasible and promising. We then propose metrics to quantify state reduction and analyze the bounds on state reduction of our approach. Finally, we use simulations to verify our analytical bounds and quantify the state reduction. These initial simulation results suggest that our method can reduce multicast state significantly.

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Information & Date

In Proceedings of Sixth Global Internet Symposium(GI2001) in conjunction with Globecom , San Antonio, Texas, USA , November. 2001


Aiguo Fei
Junhong Cui,
Mario Gerla
Michalis Faloutsos