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Modeling Channel Conflict Probabilities between IEEE 802.15 based Wireless Personal Area Networks


With the increasingly deployed Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) devices, channel conflict has become very frequent and severe when one WPAN technology coexists with other WPAN technologies in the same interfering range. In this paper, we study the coexistence issue between various IEEE 802.15 based WPAN technologies. We present analytical models on the non-conflicting channel allocation probabilities, focusing on the coexistence scenarios of one WPAN technology coexisting with another. The results show that channel allocation conflicts occurs frequently in all cases, and is especially severe between IEEE 802.15.3 and IEEE 802.15.4 networks. On the other hand, the probability of non-conflict channel allocation is less dramatic between a single IEEE 802.15.1 and coexisting IEEE 802.15.4 networks. In addition, the proposed models in this paper are also applicable to other wireless technologies, as long as the channel allocation mechanisms are known.

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Information & Date

IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'06), Istanbul, Turkey, January. 2006


Ling-Jyh Chen
Tony Sun
Mario Gerla