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MIMO-CAST:A Cross-Layer Ad Hoc Multicast Protocol Using MIMO Radios


IEEE 802.11 MAC does not use RTS/CTS exchange in multicast/broadcast mode. This may cause throughput loss and packet collision by hidden terminals. We propose a new cross-layer ad hoc multicast protocol, named MIMOCAST, to improve efficiency of IEEE 802.11 MAC. MIMOCAST builds a multicast tree on-demand by using control packets exchange. To reduce duplicated transmissions, MIMO-CAST employs Multi Point Relay with which only designated nodes forward packets and all nodes in the network hear those packets. It also exploits Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) by giving different weights to its multiple antennas so that a node can receive from one neighbor while blocking the interference from other nodes. We investigate the performance improvement of MIMOCAST through a simulation study

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Information & Date

Milcom '07, Orlando, Florida, October. 2007


Soon Young Oh
Mario Gerla
Pengkai Zhao
Babak Daneshrad
Guangyu Pei
Jae H. Kim