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Low-cost Attacks against Packet Delivery, Localization and Time Synchronization Services in Under-Wa


Under-Water Sensor Networking (UWSN) is a novel network paradigm that is being proposed to explore, monitor and protect the oceans. The unique characteristics of the aquatic environment, namely huge propagation delay, absence of GPS signaling, floating node mobility, and limited (acoustic) link capacity, are very different from those of ground sensor networks. Since underwater networks are mostly autonomous and very difficult to directly monitor by humans, a very important requirement is the built-in protection from automated malicious attacks. In this paper we show that the aquatic environment is particularly vulnerable to attacks and security must be integrated into the UWSN architecture to protect its localization, synchronization and packet delivery services.

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Information & Date

ACM Wireless Security (WiSe'05), in conjunction with MobiCom 2005, Cologne, GERMANY, September. 2005


Jiejun Kong
Zhengrong Ji
Weichao Wang
Mario Gerla
Rajive Bagrodia
Bharat Bhargava