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Publications in 2012

Conference Papers

"Resource Centric Security to Protect Customer Energy Information in the Smart Grid",
Eun-Kyu Lee, Rajit Gadh, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Smart Grid Communications, Taiwan, October. 2012

"Content Routing In The Vehicle Cloud",
Yu-Ting Yu, Thomas Punihaole, Mario Gerla, M. Y. Sanadidi,
In MILCOM'12, Orlando, FL, October. 2012

"CodeMP: Network Coded Multipath to Support TCP in Disruptive MANETs",
Chien-Chia Chen, Guruprasad Tahasildar, Yu-Ting Yu, Joon-Sang Park, Mario Gerla, M.Y. Sanadidi,
MASS '12, Las Vegas, NV, October. 2012

"Cooperative Spatial Scheduling in Distributed MIMO MAC with Interference/Concurrency Awareness",
Pengkai Zhao, You Lu, Babak Daneshrad, Mario Gerla,
MILCOM 2012, Orlando, FL, October. 2012

"Network Coding over a MANET Proactive Link State Routing Protocol and TDMA Scheduling",
Soon Young Oh, Bao-Hong Shen, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Milcom 2012, , October. 2012

" Towards a realistic optimization of urban traffic flows",
Fabio Angius, Massimo Reineri, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau,
ITSC'12, Anchorage, September. 2012

"Vehicular Cloud Computing",
Mario Gerla,
In Vehicular Communications and Applications Workshop, , June. 2012

"Ultraviolet Guardian - Real Time Ultraviolet Monitoring",
Jerrid Matthews, Farnoosh Javadi, Gauresh Rane , Jason Zheng, Giovanni Pau, Mario Gerla,
MobileHealth Workshop (Mobihoc 2012), Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA, June. 2012

"Mobile Social Network Based Trust Authentication",
You Lu, Kuan-Hao Su, Jui-Ting Weng, Mario Gerla,
Med-Hoc-Net 2012, Ayia Napa, Cyprus, June. 2012

"Clinical Quality Guaranteed Physiological Data Compression in Mobile Health Monitoring",
Sungwon Yang, Jihyoung Kim, Mario Gerla,
MobiHoc Workshop on Pervasive Wireless Healthcare, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA, June. 2012

"Social Norm Incentives for Secure Network Coding in MANETs",
Chuchu Wu, Mario Gerla, Mihaela van der Schaar,
NetCod2012, Boston, June. 2012

"MoViT: The Mobile Network Virtualized Testbed",
Eugenio Giordano, Lara Codeca, Brian Geffon, Giulio Grassi, Giovanni Pau, Mario Gerla,
In ACM VANET, , June. 2012

"BLOOGO: BLOOm filter based GOssip algorithm for wireless NDN",
Fabio Angius, Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau,
(NOM'12) Mobihoc'12, Hilton Head Island, June. 2012

"Mitigate Funnel Effect in Sensor Networks with Multi-Interface Relay Nodes",
Jorge Mena, Mario Gerla, Vana Kalogeraki,
IEEE DCOSS'12, Hangzhou, China, May. 2012

"EyeGuardian: A Framework of Eye Tracking and Blink Detection for Mobile Device Users",
Seongwon Han, Sungwon Yang, Jihyoung Kim, Mario Gerla,
ACM HotMobile 2012, San Diego, February. 2012

"Cog-Fi: A Cognitive Wi-Fi Channel Hopping Architecture for Urban MANETs",
Brian Choi, Mario Gerla,
In WONS 2012, , January. 2012

"'Cognitive Multicast (CoCast) in Vehicular Networks Using OFDM Subchannels and Network Coding",
Wooseong Kim, Brian Choi, Soon Young Oh, Mario Gerla,
ICNC'12, Hawaii, January. 2012

"Web-based Mobile e-Diary for Youth with Sickle Cell Disease",
Sungwon Yang, Eufemia Jacob, Mario Gerla,
CeHPSA 2012 (CCNC 2012), Las Vegas, January. 2012

"Vehicular Testbeds - Model Validation before Large Scale Deployment",
Mario Gerla, Jui-Ting Weng, Eugenio Giordano, Giovanni Pau,
ICNC', Maui, HI, January. 2012


Journal Papers

"Physical Layer Security in Wireless Smart Grid",
Eun-Kyu Lee, Soon Young Oh, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Communications Magazine, 50(8), pp.46-52, , 2012

"Vehicular Testbeds - Model Validation before Large Scale Deployment",
Mario Gerla, Jui-Ting Weng, Eugenio Giordano, Giovanni Pau,
Journal of Communication'12, , 2012

"Using Digital Fountains in Future IPTV Streaming Platforms: A Future Perspective",
Alessandro Cattaneo, Alexandro Sentinelli, Andrea Vitali, Luca Celetto, Gustavo Marfia, Marco Roccetti, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Communications Magazine, 50(5), pp.202-207, , 2012

"VAPR: Void Aware Pressure Routing for Underwater Sensor Networks",
Youngtae Noh, Uichin Lee, Paul Wang, Brian Choi, Mario Gerla,
Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), , 2012


Technical Reports

Josh Joy, Saro Meguerdichian,



"Emergency Vehicular Networks",
Mario Gerla, Eun-Kyu Lee, Uichin Lee, Giovanni Pau,



"Ocean-TUNE UCLA Testbed for Subsurface Current Mapping",
Seongwon Han, Mario Gerla,
ACM WUWNet’12, Los Angeles, CA, November. 2012

"Video Streaming in VANET over WiMAX and WiFi",
Chien-Chia Chen, Giovanni Pau, Yu-Ting Yu, Mario Gerla, M. Y. Sanadidi,
GENI'12, Los Angeles, CA, March. 2012