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Publications in 1998

Conference Papers

" Bandwidth Allocation Strategies for Wireless ATM Networks using Predictive Reservation",
William Su, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Globecom'98, Sydney, November. 1998

"Adaptive Shared Tree Multicast in Mobile Wireless Networks",
Ching-Chuan Chiang, Mario Gerla, Lixia Zhang,
Global Telecommunications Conference, 1998. GLOBECOM 98. The Bridge to Global Integration. IEEE, , October. 1998

"On-Demand Multicast in Mobile Wireless Networks",
Ching-Chuan Chiang, Mario Gerla,
ICNP'98, , October. 1998

"Forwarding Group Multicast Protocol (FGMP) for Multihop, Mobile Wireless Networks",
Ching-Chuan Chiang, Mario Gerla, Lixia Zhang,
Cluster Computing, , October. 1998

"Signaling Architecture to Establish SVCs for H.323 Media Transport Using Compressed RTP over Real-ti",
M. Kotelba, C. M. D. Pazos,
ATM Forum contribution ATMF, Australia , October. 1998

"A Modular and Scalable Simulation Tool for Large Wireless Networks",
Rajive Bagrodia, Mario Gerla,
International Conference on Modeling Techniques and Tools for Computer Performance Evaluation, Palma de Mallorca, Spain,, September. 1998

"Evaluating Speech Quality in Large Wireless Networks: A Case for Hybrid Simulation",
Hsiao-Kuang Wu, Chia-Heng Hung, Mario Gerla, Rajive Barrodia,
ICC 98, ATLANTA, GEORGIA,, June. 1998

"A parallel simulator has been designed for the evaluation of wireless, multihop, mobile networks. Th",
X. Zeng, R. Bagrodia, M. Gerla,
Proceedings of PADS'98, Banff, Canada, March. 1998

"A Rate Based Back-pressure Flow Control for the Internet",
C. M. D. Pazos, M. Gerla,
HPN 1998, Vienna, Austria, January. 1998

"Measurements on Delay and Hop-Count of the Internet",
Aiguo Fei, Guangyu Pei, Roy Liu, Lixia Zhang,
Proceedings of IEEE GLOBECOM'98, , January. 1998

"Improving IP over ATM Efficiency Using Bandwidth Overbooking",
Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos, Mario Gerla,
LANMAN, Alberta, Canada - 1998, January. 1998

"ATM Virtual Private Networks for the Internet Multimedia Traffic",
C. M. D. Pazos, Mario Gerla,
ICC 1998, Atlanta, GA - 1998, January. 1998

"Global State Routing: A New Routing Scheme for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks",
Tsu-Wei Chen, Mario Gerla,
ICC'98, , January. 1998

"Flow Control and Bandwidth Management in Next Generation Internets",
C. M. D. Pazos, M. Gerla, G. Rigolio,
ICATM 1998, Colmar, France, January. 1998

"Internet QoS Routing Using the Bellman-Ford Algorithm",
D. Cavendish, M. Gerla,
IFIP Conference on High Performance Networking, Austria, January. 1998