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Publications in 1997

Conference Papers

"QoS Routing Performance in a Multi-hop, Wireless Networks",
T.-W Chen, M. Gerla, J.T. Tsai,
ICUPC'97, , October. 1997

"Routing in Clustered Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks with Fading Channel",
C.-C. Chiang, H.-K. Wu, W. Liu, Mario Gerla,
SICON'97, , October. 1997

"MACA/PR: An Asynchronous Multimedia Multihop Wireless Network",
Chunhung Richard Lin, Mario Gerla,
INFOCOM'97., Kobe, Japan, October. 1997

"Routing and Multicast in Multihop, Mobile Wireless Networks",
Ching-Chuan Chiang, Mario Gerla,
ICUPC'97, , October. 1997

"Shared Tree Wireless Network Multicast",
Ching-Chuan Chiang, Mario Gerla, Lixia Zhang,
IC3N, , October. 1997

"Bandwidth Efficiency in Internet AVPNs",
Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos, Mario Gerla,
Globecom, Phoenix, AZ - 1997, March. 1997

"The Effect of Radio Propagation on Multimedia, Mobile, Multihop Networks: Models and Countermeasures",
Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu, Jack Tsai, Mario Gerla,
Proceedings of IEEE SICON'97, , January. 1997

"Renegotiable Quality of Service - A New Scheme for Fault Tolerance in Wireless Networks",
Tsu-Wei Chen, Paul Krzyzanowski, Michael R. Lyu, Cormac Sreenan, John A. Trotter,
Proceedings of FTCS'97, , January. 1997

"Video on Demand Distribution Using ATM Virtual Private Networks",
Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos, Edilayne M. Silva, Mario Gerla, Jose Augusto Suruagy Monteiro, Luigi Fratta,
ECMAST, Milano, Italy - 1997, January. 1997

"ATM Virtual Private Networks for the Internet Data Traffic",
Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos, Mario Gerla,
MMNS, Montreal, Canada - 1997, January. 1997

"A VC-Based API for Renegotiable QoS in Wireless ATM Networks",
T.-W. Chen, P. Krzyzanowski, M. R. Lyu, C. Sreenan, J. Trotter,
ICUPC'97 , , January. 1997

"MACA-BI(MACA by invitation). A Wireless MAC Protocol for High Speed Ad hoc Networking",
Fabrizio Talucci, Mario Gerla,
ICUPC'97, San Diego, CA, January. 1997

"MACA-BI(MACA by invitation)-A Receiver Oriented Access Protocol for Wireless Multihop Networks",
Fabrizio Talucci, Mario Gerla,
PIMRC'97, , January. 1997


Journal Papers

"Wireless Data Networks: Reaching the Extra Mile",
Hasan S. Alkhatib, Chase Bailey, Mario Gerla, James McCrae,
IEEE Computer, , 1997

"Adaptive Clustering for Mobile Wireless Networks",
Chunhung Richard Lin, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume: 15, Issue: 7 pp 1265-1275 , , 1997


Technical Reports

"On The Construction of Low Cost Multicast Trees with Bandwidth Reservation",
Dirceu Cavendish, Aiguo Fei, Mario Gerla, Raphael Rom,
Technical Report #970043, December, 1997, UCLA CSD