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Publications in 1996

Conference Papers

"Speech Support in Wireless, Multihop Networks",
Haiao-Kuang Wu, Chia-Heng Hung, Mario Gerla, Rajive Bagrodia,
I-SPAN'97, Sydney Australia, June. 1996

"ATM Rate Based Congestion Control Using a Smith Predictor: An EPRCA Implementation",
Saverio Mascolo, Dirceu Cavendish, Mario Gerla,
Infocom 96, San Francisco, January. 1996

"Rate Based Congestion Control For Multicast ABR",
Dirceu Cavendish, Saverio Mascolo, Mario Gerla,
Globecom 96, London, January. 1996

"Performance of TCP over ATM for Various ABR Control Policies",
Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos, Dirceu Cavendish, Vincenzo A. Signore, Mario Gerla,
ICCCN 96, Rockville, MD., January. 1996

"A Spread Spectrum DS/CDMA Channel Fading Simulation Environment for Mobile Radio Network Systems",
H.K. Wu, J.T. Tsai, M. Gerla,
Proceedings of 1996 SCS Western MultiConference, , January. 1996

"Parallel Simulation Environment for Mobile Wireless Network",
W. Liu, C.-C. Chiang, H.K. Wu, V. Jha, M. Gerla, R. Bagrodia,
Proceedings of Winter Simulation Conference in 1996, , January. 1996

"Multimedia Wireless Networking",
Rajeev Jain, Abeer Alwin, Mario Gerla, Len Kleinrock, John Villasenor, Ben Belzer, Walter Boring, Steve Molloy, Sean Nazareth, Marcio Siqueira, Joel Short, Jack Tsai,
Proceedings of SPIE'96, , January. 1996


Journal Papers

"Adaptive Mobile Multimedia Networks",
Abeer Alwin, Rajive Bagrodia, N. Bambos, Mario Gerla, Len Kleinrock, Joel Short, John Villasenor,
IEEE Personal Communications Magazine April 1996, pp. 7-22., , 1996


Technical Reports

"SP-EPRCA: an ATM Rate Based Congestion Control Scheme based on a Smith Predictor",
Dirceu Cavendish, Saverio Mascolo, Mario Gerla,
Technical Report #960001, February, 1996, UCLA CSD