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Publications in 1994

Conference Papers

"A Two Level Optical Star WDM Metropolitan Area Network",
Kannan, B, Fotedar, S, Mario Gerla,
GLOBECOM 1994, San Francisco, California, December. 1994

"A Protocol for WDM Star Coupler Networks",
B. Kannan, Shivi Fotedar, Mario Gerla,
INFOCOM 1994, toronto, Canada, June. 1994

"On The Performance of Shared-Channel Multihop Lightwave Networks",
Kovacevic, M., Mario Gerla, Bannister, J.,
INFOCOM 1994, Toronto, Canada, June. 1994

"HONET: An Integrated Services Wavelength Division Optical Network",
Milan Mihailo Kovacevic, Mario Gerla,
ICC 1994, New Orleans, Louisiana, May. 1994

"Optical tree topologies: Access control and wavelength assignment",
Mario Gerla, Milan Kovačević, Joseph Bannister,
Optical tree topologies: Access control and wavelength assignment, , March. 1994

"Bandwidth allocation, traffic control and topology design in ATM overlay networks",
Monteiro, J.A.S, S. Fotedar, Mario Gerla,
GLOBECOM 1994, San Francisco, California, March. 1994

"Topology Design of Multiservice ATM Networks",
Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos, Jose Augusto Suruagy Monteiro, Mario Gerla,
ITS'94, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January. 1994


Journal Papers

"SMDS Multicast Support in ATM Network",
P. Crocetti, L. Fratta, Mario Gerla, M.A. Marsiglia,
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, , 1994

"Routing and Admission Control in the Multihop Wavelength-Division Optical Network",
Luigi Fratta, Flaminio Borgonovo, Joseph Banniste, Mario Gerla,
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems,, , 1994

"RATO-Net: a Random Access Protocol for Unidirectional High Speed Optical Fiber Networks",
Yeh, C, M. Lin, Mario Gerla,
Journal of Lightwave Technology, , 1994

"A New Optical Signal Routing Scheme For Linear Lightwave Networks",
Kovacevic, M, Mario Gerla,
Transactions on Networking, , 1994



"Flow and Congestion Control",
Mario Gerla, L. Kleinrock,,
Encyclopedia Of Telecomunication,, , August. 1994

"Flow and Congestion Control",
Mario Gerla, L. Kleinrock,
Chapter in the Encyclopedia of Communications, , July. 1994

"A New Distributed Reservation Multiple Access scheme for the AVPAC Channel",
Sanjay Singh, Mario Gerla, Steve Friedman,
Wireless information networks: architecture, resource management, and mobile data, , January. 1994