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Publications in 1989

Conference Papers

"Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) in Local and Metropolitan Networks",
Mario Gerla, Bannister, J., L. Fratta,
International Teletraffic Congress , Australia, September. 1989

"Improving the Efficiency of High Speed Implicit Token FOLANs",
P. Camarda, Mario Gerla,
IFIP, San Francisco, August. 1989

"The Advantage of Dynamic Tuning in Distributed Heterogeneous Systems",
A. Avizienis, Mario Gerla,
ISIGCOM, Singapore, July. 1989

"Load Balancing In a Distributed Transaction System",
A. Avizienis, Mario Gerla, J. W. Carlyle, W. J. Karplus,
SICON, Singapore, July. 1989

"Fault Tolerance in Multichannel LAN's",
P. Camarda, Mario Gerla,
International Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications, Phoenix, Arizona, March. 1989

"Synchronous Fast Packet Switching (SFPS) - A Hybrid Switching Architecture for B-ISDM",
Y. L. Sun, Mario Gerla,
INFOCOM, Ottawa, Canada, March. 1989


Journal Papers

"Topology Design and Bandwidth Allocation in ATM Nets",
Mario Gerla, J. Monteiro , R. Pazos,
IEEE JSAC, Special Issue on Network Design and Planning, , 1989