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Publications in 1984

Conference Papers

"Load Balancing in Distributed Systems with Multiple Classes and Site Constraints",
Edmundo de Souza e Silva , Mario Gerla,
In IFIP International Symposium on Computer Performance Modelling, Measurement and Evaluation, Paris, France, December. 1984

"A Dual Priority MVA Model for a Large Distributed System: Locus",
Joseph Betser, Mario Gerla, Geraid Popek,
In IFIP Performance, Paris, France, December. 1984

"U-Net: A Unidirectional Fiber Bus Network",
Mario Gerla, Aguiar Rodrigues, C. Yeh,
In Fiber Optics Communications - Local Area Networks (FOC-LAN-84) Conference, Las Vegas, USA, September. 1984

"Token-less Protocols for Fiber Optics Local Area Networks",
Aguiar Rodrigues, Luigi Fratta, Mario Gerla,
In IEEE ICC, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May. 1984

"Routing, Flow Control and Fairness in Computer Networks",
Mario Gerla, H. W. Chan, R. Boisson de Marca,
In IEEE ICC, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May. 1984


Journal Papers

"Controlling Routes, Traffic Rates and Buffer Allocation in Packet Networks",
Mario Gerla,
In IEEE Communications Magazine, , 1984

"Bandwidth Allocation and Routing in ISDN's",
Mario Gerla, Rodolfo A. Pazos-Rangel,
In IEEE Communications Magazine, , 1984