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Publications in 1983

Conference Papers

"A Distributed Routing Algorithm for Unidirectional Networks",
Mario Gerla, Leonard Kleinrock, Yehuda Afek,
In IEEE GlobeCom, San Diego, USA, December. 1983

"Buzz-Net: A Hybrid Random Access/Virtual Token Local Network",
Mario Gerla, Aguiar Rodrigues, C. Yeh,
In IEEE GlobeCom , San Diego, USA, December. 1983

"Diseno de Redes de Ductos Expresos",
Pazos R, Mario Gerla,
In Mexican Conference , Cuernavaca, Mexico, November. 1983

"Tokenet - A Token Based Local Area Network",
Marco Ajmone Marsan , Mario Gerla,
In MELECON Conference, Athens, Greece, May. 1983

"Optimal Routing in Closed Queueing Networks",
Hiroshi Kobayashi , Mario Gerla,
In ACM '83 Symposium on Communications Architectures and Protocols, , March. 1983

"High Speed Fiber Optics Local Networks",
Mario Gerla, C. Yeh , Paulo Rodrigues,
In OFC '83 Conference, New Orleans, USA, March. 1983


Journal Papers

"Optimal Routing in Closed Queueing Networks",
Hiroshi Kobayshi , Mario Gerla,
In ACM Transactions on Computing Systems (TOCS), , 1983

"Planning New Data Communications Networks: Understanding the Different Types of Switching Technologi",
Mario Gerla,
In Data Communications Journal, , 1983