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Publications in 1982

Conference Papers

"Express Pipe Networks",
Pazos Rangel, Mario Gerla,
In GlobeCom Telecommunications Conference, Miami, USA, November. 1982

"Reliability Optimization in the Design of Distributed Systems",
Cauligi S. Raghavendra, Mario Gerla, Algirdas Avizienis,
In International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Miami, USA, October. 1982

"Flow Control Models in Computer Networks",
Mario Gerla,
In IMACS Congress on System Simulation, Montreal, Canada, August. 1982

"Fairness in Local Computer Networks",
Marco Marsan , Mario Gerla,
In ICC Conference, Philadelphia, USA, June. 1982

"Multi-connected Loop Topologies for Local Computer Networks",
Cauligi S. Raghavendra, Mario Gerla, D. S. Parker,
In INFOCOM 82, Las Vegas, USA, March. 1982

"The Evolution of Integrated Packet and Circuit Switching Technology",
Mario Gerla,
In Pacific Telecommunications Conference, Hawaii, USA, January. 1982


Journal Papers

"Fairness in Flow Controlled Networks",
Mark Staskauskas, Mario Gerla,
In Journal of Telecommunications Networks, Vol. I, No. I, 1982

"Markov Models for Multiple Bus Multiprocessor Systems",
Marco Marsan, Mario Gerla,
In IEEE Transactions on Computers, Vol. C-31, No. 3, 1982