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Publications in 1980

Conference Papers

"Distributed Salesman Algorithms for Distributed Database Operation",
Mario Gerla, Aksenti Grnarov , Douglas Stott Parker Jr.,
In ACM Pacific '80 Conference , San Francisco, USA, November. 1980

"A Highly Reliable, Distributed Loop Network Architecture",
Aksenti Grnarov, Leonard Kleinrock, Mario Gerla,
In International Symposium on Fault Tolerant Computing, Kyoto, Japan, October. 1980

"A New Algorithm for Network Reliability Computation",
Aksenti Grnarov , Leonard Kleinrock, Mario Gerla,
In Pacific Telecommunications Conference , pp. 1A-11 to 1A-19, Honolulu, USA, January. 1980


Journal Papers

"Flow Control: A Comparative Survey",
Mario Gerla, Leonard Kleinrock,
In IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. COM-28, pp. 553-574, 1980

"The Flow Deviation Method: An Approach to Store-and-Forward Communication Network Design",
Luigi Fratta, Mario Gerla, Leonard Kleinrock,
In Networks, Vol. 3, No 2, pp. 97-133, , 1980