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Publications in 1978

Conference Papers

"Distributed Routing in Hybrid Packet and Circuit Data Networks",
Mario Gerla, D. Mason,
In Digest of Papers, COMPCON 78, pp. 125-131, Washington, D.C., September. 1978

"On the Measured Performance of Packet Satellite Access Schemes",
Leonard Kleinrock, Mario Gerla,
In International Conference on Computer Communication (ICCC), pp. 535-542, Kyoto, Japan, September. 1978

"Report on Experience in Developing a Hybrid Packet and Circuit Switched Network",
N. Keys, Mario Gerla,
In Conference Record, International conference on Communications (ICC), pp. 20.6.1 to 20.6.6, Toronto, Canada, June. 1978

"PACUIT: The Integrated Packet and Circuit Alternative to Packet Switching",
Mario Gerla, D. Mueller,
In Digest of Papers, COMPCON 78, pp. 153-156, San Francisco, USA, March. 1978

"Integration of Packet and Circuit Transport Protocols in the TRAN Data Network",
Mario Gerla, G. Destasio,
In the Computer Network Protocol Symposium, pp. B3-1 to B3-9, Liege, Belgium, February. 1978


Journal Papers

"Modeling and Measurement Techniques in Packet Communication Networks",
Fouad Tobagi, Mario Gerla, Richard Peebles, Eric Manning,
In Proceedings of the IEEE, Special Issue on Packet Communications, Vol. 66, issue 11, pp. 1423-1447, , 1978

"Hybrid Packet and Circuit Switching",
N. Keyes, Mario Gerla,
In Telecommunications, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 65-71, , 1978