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Publications in 1976

Conference Papers

"Large Scale Computer Communication Network Architectures: Issues, Trends and Tradeoffs",
John Eckl, H. Frank, I. Frisch, Mario Gerla, I. Gitman,
In National Telecommunications Conference, pp. 16.1-1 to 16.1-8, Dallas, USA, November. 1976

"Satellite Technology Impact on Large Data Network Design",
Wushow Chou, Mario Gerla,
In Symposium on Computer Networks: Trends and Applications, pp. 148-154, Gaithersburg, Maryland, October. 1976

"Locating Backbone Switches in a Large Packet Network",
W. Hsieh, Mario Gerla, P. McGregor , John Eckl,
In International Conference on Computer Communications, pp. 330-338, Toronto, Canada, August. 1976