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Publications in 1974

Conference Papers

"A Cut Saturation Algorithm for Topological Design of Packet-Switched Communication Networks",
Mario Gerla, H. Frank, Wushow Chou, John Eckl,
In National Telecommunications Conference, pp. 1074-1085, San Diego, USA, December. 1974

"Flow Control Strategies in Packet-Switched Computer Networks",
Mario Gerla, Wushow Chou,
In National Telecommunications Conference, pp. 1032-1038, San Diego, USA, December. 1974

"A Unified Flow and Congestion Control Model for Packet Networks",
Wushow Chou, Mario Gerla,
In International Conference on Computer Communications, pp. 475-482, Toronto, Canada, August. 1974

"Cost Throughput Trends in Computer Networks Using Satellite Communications",
Mario Gerla, Wushow Chou, H. Frank,
In International conference on Communications (ICCC), pp. 21C-1 to 21C-5, Minneapolis, USA, June. 1974

"Communications Network Cost Reduction Using Domestic Satellites",
Wushow Chou, Mario Gerla, H. Frank,
In Symp. on Trends and Applications in Computer Networks, pp. 9-14, Gaithersburg, Maryland, May. 1974

"New Line Tariffs and Their Impact on Network Design",
Mario Gerla,
In AFIPS Conference Proceedings, Vol. 43, pp. 577-582, Chicago, USA, May. 1974

"Capacity Allocation in Distributed Computer Networks",
David Cantor , Mario Gerla,
In Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, pp. 115-117, Honolulu, USA, January. 1974


Journal Papers

"Optimal routing in a Packet-Switched Computer Network",
David Cantor , Mario Gerla,
In IEEE Transactions on Computers, Vol. C-23, No 10, pp. 1062-1069, , 1974