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Publications in 1973

Conference Papers

"Deterministic and Adaptive Routing Policies in Packet-Switched Computer Networks",
Mario Gerla,
In ACM symposium on Data communications and Data networks: Analysis and design, pp. 23-26, St. Petersburg, Florida, November. 1973

"Computational Considerations and Routing Problems for Large Computer Networks",
Mario Gerla, Wushow Chou, H. Frank,
In National Telecommunications Conference, pp. 2B-1 to 2B-5, Atlanta, Georgia, November. 1973

"Issues in the Design of Large Distributed Computer Communication Networks",
H. Frank, Mario Gerla, Wushow Chou,
In National Telecommunications Conference, pp. 37-A-9, Atlanta, Georgia, November. 1973


Technical Reports

"ARPANET. Design, Operation, Management and Performance",
Mario Gerla,
In Network Analysis Corporation, Glen Cove, NY

"The Design of Store-and Forward (S/F) Networks for Computer Communications",
Mario Gerla,
In UCLA-ENGR-7319,