Welcome to the Network Research Lab at UCLA Computer Science Department. Our group, led by Prof. Mario Gerla, supports research projects in a broad range of topics in network communications including network protocols and architectures, modeling and analysis, wireless networks, sensor networks, car-to-car networks, peer-to peer techniques, medical networks, and network measurement. We focus on the use of modeling and analytical techniques to study challenging problems.

Recent Publications

"Contact Duration-Aware Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks", Tuan Le, Mario Gerla, NAS'17, Shenzhen, China, August. 2017 (Conference Paper)

"Internet of Vehicles and Autonomous Connected Car - Privacy and Security Issues", Josh Joy, Mario Gerla, ICCCN 2017, , July. 2017 (Conference Paper)

"An Anycast Routing Strategy with Time Constraint in Delay Tolerant Networks", Tuan Le, Mario Gerla, Med-Hoc-Net'17, Budva, Montenegro, June. 2017 (Conference Paper)

"Autonomic Communications in Software-Driven Networks", Zhongliang Zhao, Eryk Jerzy Schiller, Eirini Kalogeiton, Torsten Braun, Stiller Burkhard, Josh Joy, Mario Gerla, Nabeel Akhtar, Ibrahim Matta, , , June. 2017 (Technical Report)

"Reliable Safety Message Dissemination in NLOS intersections using TV White Spectrum", Jae-Han Lim, Katsuhiro Naito, Ji-Hoon Yun, Mario Gerla, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, , May. 2017 (Journal Paper)

News & Events

Writer: Jorge Mena, 2014/4/10

Professor Gerla will attend NetCod 2011 at Beijing China from July 25 to 27, 2011 and present secure Network Coding.
Writer: Soon Young Oh, 2011/7/21

During August 13-14, 2010, Professor Gerla visits Seattle WA. and serves as a chair of Information, Communications and Networks Symposium in UKC 2010.
Writer: Soon Young Oh, 2010/8/10

Prof. Gerla will give a keynote speech, “Vehicular Urban Sensing: Techniques and Applications”, in Wireless Days 2009 at Paris.
Writer: Soon Young Oh, 2009/12/10

Project Links

C-VeT: Campus Vehicular Testbed Homepage
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